Mentorship Program

The LADS Mentorship Program is a career development resource for new dentists, recent graduates and dental students looking to obtain a real-world perspective that is not taught in dental schools. Mentors within this program range from 5 to 30 years of experience, encompass all specialties, ethnic backgrounds and interests. Those interested in becoming a mentee will obtain practical and professional guidance as they embark on their new lives as dentists. From opinions on clinical techniques to finding the right supplier for your practice to managing work/life balance – mentees will be able to find many of their answers from our established and experienced group of mentors while networking with many of their peers.

For the many quality, experienced member dentists within LADS, this is your opportunity to share your wisdom. The profession of dentistry is changing, but we can protect its future and reputation by giving future generations of dentists the tools and skills they need to succeed. Associateships, partnerships, and friendships often arise from such one-to-one relationships, so share your expertise, your professional circle, and years of experience in organized dentistry with another!

What’s Involved?

Mentor/mentee relationships vary tremendously since it is wholly at the discretion and desire of the two people involved. They can be informal with little agenda or involve regular get-togethers with planned itineraries every time. The beauty of a mentorship is in its flexibility. We leave it up to the mentors and mentees to determine how best to connect with each other. The LADS Mentorship Program is structured to support this flexibility, requiring only a six month commitment from program participants.

To participate, simply complete the online program application below. (A PDF form is included for those who prefer to print a paper copy.) Within three weeks, the LADS office will notify you of your matched mentee or mentor and provide materials that will help guide both parties in making the most out of the Mentorship Program. To learn more about this program, contact Teresa Chien at (213) 380-7669 x101.

Ready for A Mentorship 

The Mentorship Program is a free service for all LADS members. But not everyone is ready to be a mentee. Not all participants understand how to take full advantage of how this program can help them succeed.
Curious to see if you qualify? Take this mentee assessment test and see if this program is right for you.
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