Auxiliary Programs

Are you an unlicensed dental assistant? Are you a dentist currently employing an unlicensed dental assistant? The Dental Board of California (DBC) requires all dental assistants employed four months or longer to complete proper infection control training and radiation safety training for those who operate dental radiographic equipment. The Los Angeles Dental Society (LADS) is one of the few Los Angeles-area organizations offering DBC-approved courses specifically for dental staff.

These courses are required one-time only and the Los Angeles Dental Society will provide all evidence of certification to both students and DBC. 

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Radiation Safety

This course covers the safe and appropriate use of radiographic equipment including:

• Functions and terminology of X-ray equipment

• Image formation

• Radiographic techniques

• Radiation safety

The didactic portion of the course will be available on our website. After passing the exam, students will receive hands-on, interactive instruction using radiographic equipment in the course’s clinical portion. Students will be required to perform X-rays on four different patients, the results of which must be approved and passed by the instructor. Upon successful completion of both the written and clinical portion of this course, the LADS will notify DBC and provide students with a certificate of completion. Students are required to take 4 Full Mouth x-rays. Bite wings and panoramic x-rays will not be accepted.

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8 Hour Infection Control

Focusing on all aspects of infection control in a dental setting, including disinfection and sterilization, universal and standard precautions, and operatory set-up and clean-up, this course covers the dental assistants’ responsibilities in a dental office per DBC guidelines and regulations. LADS provides the didactic and the clinical portion of the 8-hour infection control course.

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Coronal Polishing

Through comprehensive theory, laboratory and hands-on clinical instruction, this course will prepare unlicensed dental assistants and RDAs to successfully perform coronal polishing. Students are required to bring their own handpiece for hands-on instruction and have two patients ready for clinical testing. *RDAs must show proof of completion of radiation safety and coronal polishing to receive or maintain their RDA license.

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