Radiation Safety

May 25    |    TBD


Start May 25 @ 03:00 pm
End May 25 @ 07:00 pm

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The location for this event is still to be determined.


This course covers the safe and appropriate use of radiographic equipment including:

• Functions and terminology of X-ray equipment
• Image formation
• Radiographic techniques
• Radiation safety

The didactic portion of the course will be available on our website. After passing the exam, students will receive hands-on, interactive instruction using radiographic equipment in the course’s clinical portion. Students will be required to perform X-rays on four different patients, the results of which must be approved and passed by the instructor. Upon successful completion of both the written and clinical portion of this course, the LADS will notify DBC and provide students with a certificate of completion. Students are required to take 4 Full Mouth x-rays. Bite wings and panoramic x-rays will not be accepted.


Start Time: 03:00 pm
End Time: 07:00 pm